Student Development Program
Who can attend: Students pursuing Bachelors or Master degree in all disciplines of Engineering, Management Studies, Arts & Science and Polytechnics

We live in a rapidly changing world with diverse demands and challenges arising in the professional environment. Employers are increasingly looking to universities to produce human resources with appropriate type of skills and knowledge to meet the growing needs. Employers also expect educational establishments to facilitate the shift to knowledge-based economy and use of high-technology through effective linkages between research and industry. This would ensure that they are aligned with a competitive edge in the world market. As a result, preparing young graduates to enter the work force has become a critical responsibility for educational establishments.

Trinity SkillWorks plays a pivotal role in preparing students with effective interpersonal skills which are crucial to enhance their employment opportunities. Trinity SkillWorks has created unique training programs that address the career needs of college students through a structured curriculum – where they move from basic to advanced levels in vital, professional and communication skills

The facilitation is provided in options from 12 – 240 hour programs

Faculty Professional Development Program
Who can attend: College faculty of all levels and all departments

Recognizing the vital role teachers’ play in transforming young lives, Trinity SkillWorks has conceptualized and created a development program to help make Academicians better mentors and facilitators. Trinity SkillWorks offers teachers an experiential learning program to develop skills and attributes therefore enhancing their leadership position and their effectiveness in the classroom

The 24-hour program curriculum includes 4 key areas of facilitation;

  • Understanding Yourself
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Functioning Creatively
  • Teams and Leaders

On completion of the program, teachers will appreciate they are no longer mere facilitators of academic learning. The program provides them the necessary skills to be a mentor and life coach to help students become well-adjusted and successful individuals. This will help build a successful future generation


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