Acquire – Enable – Onboard

Trinity has partnered with over 500 Colleges across Kerala and Southern Tamil Nadu to provide digital training and enhance the employability of their students entering the workplace. We run a series of assessments and create and employability profile of the candidates and match candidates’; skill, preferences, aspirations and aptitude to the job role to be filled. We present pre-assessed and pre-screened (attitude, communication skills etc.) candidates to our corporate partners for final selection.  With a 10X increase in yield compared to traditional fresher hiring methods.


  • Wide range of candidates to choose from – Better hires
  • Pre-assessed/filtered candidates – Better talent pool available
  • Higher yield from the hiring process – Less effort and cost
  • Quicker turnaround time in hiring from a pool of ready-to-hire candidates – Less effort and cost
  • Experienced Team Trinity involved in the shortlisting Good-Fit hires
  • Interviews/Group Discussions/Custom Assessment Services offered – Source – Hire – Onboard services from a single entity
  • Training/Onboarding services offered – Source – Hire – Onboard services from a single entity
  • Introductory offer – Lower cost of hiring

Employee Development Programs

Trinity’s Programs for Corporates are designed to make employees in frontline customer-facing roles more effective. Delivered through Engaging, Immersive and Experiential workshops, they are fully customizable to meet specific needs of the participants. Every program is designed to sensitize participants to the requirements of their roles and fulfill their potential. Elements from Theatre, Music, Martial Arts and Outbound learning are used effectively to make the workshop a transformational experience.

Leadership Development Programs

Trinity’s Leadership Development Programs facilitate :

  • Self Awareness
  • Effective Communication
  • Improving specific skills to enhance Planning, Scheduling and Delegating
  • Improving understanding of Project Management, Management Finance, People Management
  • Being productive to effectively and efficiently achieve results in identified key areas
  • Enhancing Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Being a Team Player
  • Translating inherent potential into performance
  • Kindling entrepreneurial spirit and skills to become Entrepreneurial Managers
  • Emerging as a Transformational Leader

The Program is customized incorporating modules from:

Business Writing Skills
Presentation Skills
Assertive Skills
Conflict Management
Negotiation Skills
Interpersonal skills
Team Dynamics
Stress Management
Time Management
Decision Making.
Critical Thinking
Mind Mapping
Entrepreneurial thinking


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