Trinity SkillWorks has leveraged partnerships with companies and industrial associations across the country to set up Trinity SkillXchange, a platform where skill enabled engineering and management studies graduates fresh out of college can meet and connect with employers. All students on successful completion of the Trinity Skills Development Program will be enrolled in the Trinity SkillXchange program

Trinity SkillWorks invites companies to be included in our portfolio of recruiters. We provide companies the opportunity to conduct interviews with graduates who possess core employability skills for fulfilling your staffing needs. Through Trinity SkillXchange, we aim to share profiles of fresh graduates to match job descriptions. Employers who recruit core employability skill enabled graduates will spend considerably less time in the onboarding process. Thereby, this would help realize the new employee’s productivity much sooner. And this enables the organisation to anticipate, plan and facilitate movement of the newly acquired employee

There are no financial/commercial obligations to partner Trinity SkillWorks. And in return, you will be provided details of self-assured engineering and management graduates

To partner us on Trinity SkillXchange, send your interest to Archana Subhash on archana.subhash@


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